These Aussie Twins Are Making he’s Kinky AF Fantasies become a reality – No Judgment, Though

The Story

Saddle upwards, males, ‘cause this package’s about to get peculiar. A recent feature on Australian television about twins (and why is these vibrant duos different) additionally revealed the strange story of two Aussie similar twin siblings, Anna and Lucy DeCinque, who do every little thing with each other, dress the exact same, as well as share… a boyfriend.

Yep. You read that correct. Somewhere right here, there is a guy probably area on two women exactly who look identical and then sleeping with each of them within their “extremely king-size” bed. The video below gets to many of the a lot more TV-appropriate details, leaving out whether they would, in fact, would *everything* together. Therefore we don’t know whether this person is clearly residing out loads of individuals fantasies immediately… but the guy could possibly be. Investigate for yourself:

The Snapshot

The Lesson

We live-in 2016, therefore it really is currently the long run, and without a doubt: the long term is filled with merely positively gobstoppingly unusual stuff would make your ancestors have a dang old-timey coronary arrest if they could just find it. iPhones, hoverboards, vape pencils, man-buns, and a couple of Aussie twins hypothetically having threesomes with just one dude.

However you know what? Every single their own freakin’ very own, man. Whether they have a situation resolved in which everyone’s delighted (and clearly they’dn’t already been happy prior to now online dating individual guys) and everyone’s a consenting adult, then good in it. They may be residing their very best resides and never givin’ a f*ck; we ought to be therefore happy.

Though when they ever before breakup… that is gonna be at least twice as complex as a normal separation.